Mother’s Night – December 20th

Come, celebrate Mother’s Night with me…

It’s the eve of the winter solstice and on this night we honor our female ancestors, including the goddess, who will rebirth the sun tomorrow.

Paying homage to our female ancestors can be as easy as lighting a candle and saying a prayer of thanks.

I have held a more elaborate event which featured my ancestor’s favorite foods. I also light incense as it is an invitation to my female ancestor’s spirits, so they might spiritually enjoy the foods they loved in life, again in the afterlife.

Those who remain in this life present the deceased with food to show that we love them in death, as we loved them in life. It’s important to note that I don’t eat the foods prepared for them. Instead, after I’ve eaten my dinner, I leave the food for my ancestors somewhere on our property.

Image by Lars Nissen from Pixabay

Tonight is also the night we honor our land spirits (landvaettir) and the house wights. I also honor the good neighbors at the same time.

Select a bowl and add some milk and honey. Take the bowl outside. You could say:

“I offer you my respect and gratitude, Landvaettir for your presence in the land.”

Then, you can either leave the bowl on the ground, or pour the milk and honey out on the ground.

Repeat the same process inside your home. You could say:

“Landvaettir I offer you my respect and gratitude for your existence in my home.”

Leave the milk and honey in the bowl anywhere you see fit inside your home.

The next morning, I pour out the milk and honey.

Fairies, Myths, & Magic II, Book 2: A Winter Celebration: universal link

I love the idea of celebrating the women we came from. Here’s a syllabic poem from my newest book to celebrate our female ancestors on December 20th:

Mothers Night

Rejoice on the Night of the Mothers

pay homage to our female roots

toast your mother, grandmother,

the women in your life

who touched you with love

be brave, protect


blood lines,




goddess soon

rebirths our sun,

we honor with food,

grateful messages sent

to the women who gave of

themselves, they made us who we are

we offer you our lasting respect

To Our Mothers!

Tomorrow is the winter solstice! Happy Yule!

18 thoughts on “Mother’s Night – December 20th

  1. Today would be my Father’s 96th birthday. My mother, Frances and I have already connected via phone to talk about his legacy. We are unable to meet in person today because Vancouver is under snow. My sister Sarah and Mom would to have come together for coffee and a conversation of how Dad supported, encouraged and believed in female empowerment. Sarah is snowbound and we have been cautioned about travel in the city. Thank you for this marvelous post that celebrates our mothers who came before. When I look at old photographs of my grandmothers and great-grandmothers, I am inspired by their resilience and courage. Their journeys were not for the faint of heart, but they prevailed.

    I will be reciting this poem as I walk a winter’s path.

    a bright night-
    shadows of wet snow
    veil the street
    silver hair…
    winter’s first frost
    touches her eyes
    luminous sunshine
    snow reflections sparkle…
    I’m blind as a bat.”

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    1. Ha ha ha! I loved that series of haiku with the final senryu. It makes you smile at the cycle of life which is ever moving forward. Just as we humans must move forward to experience life. Huge Yule hugs to you, Rebecca. ❤️

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  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE this Post Colleen… Speaks to my heart all of it… 🙂 It is all about LOVE and respecting our Mother Earth as well as ALL Mothers…
    Love your poem… ❤
    So many of our sacred ancestors gave of themselves so that we could be here today… Lets not let them down…
    Sending love ❤

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