A Ghost in the Burbs, Poetics

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I was never there, you know

just a ghost in the Burbs,

a falling star in the sky

of this America life.

I exist where time flows

with a legacy of speed

ever moving forward,

never backwards,


the sunrise and sunset—

as the darkness falls.

Not Lost, found.

© Colleen M. Chesebro

I’m late, but I’m here! Merril’s at dVerse (yesterday) for Poetics: Are You Listening? She asks us to choose from the list below, at least two titles, and write a poem, including the exact words of the titles within the poem. The word order of the title must be retained, but you can punctuate the longer ones. The poem can be in any style or form, and you may also use a podcast title for your own title, if you would like.

Easy-peasy, right? I’m giving you prompt words. Now all you have to do is write a poem using them.

The Titles:

Articles of Interest: American Ivy

I Was Never There

Legacy of Speed

Not Lost


Reveal: After Ayotzinapa

Rumble Strip


This American Life

Ghost in the Burbs

28 thoughts on “A Ghost in the Burbs, Poetics

  1. It’s good to see you here, Colleen!
    Your theme was much like mine. I like how you worked in the prompt titles:
    “just a ghost in the Burbs,
    a falling star in the sky
    of this America life.”

    Thank you for joining in the prompt!

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  2. I loved this piece Colleen, so much beauty expressed in few delicate words. Well written my friend. Happy new year to you.🙂✌🏼❣️

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  3. Wow, Colleen! This poem is so wonderful! The emotion and imagery that you used really helped to paint a picture in my mind. Thank you so much for sharing, and I hope the new year has been going well for you so far 🥰❤️

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