Time Marches On, senryū

For #TankaTuesday this week, I thought it would be fun to write senryū.

Senryū is a Japanese form similar to haiku: three lines with a s-l-s syllable count up to 17 syllables.

Senryū are written about human foibles, while haiku are more nature related. Senryū can be cynical or humorous. This poem makes the human, not the world around them, the subject of the poem.

Senryū are easier to write than haiku. Think about the human condition: sex, family relations, love, religion, politics, and any emotions that touch on the pain we experience through sorrow, prejudice, oppression, anger, and frustration.

(Chesebro, Colleen M., Word Craft: Prose & Poetry, p. 43)

What I really like about senryu (or senryū) is how the human becomes the star of the show… while in haiku, we’re dealing with nature, season words, and cutting words.

Here is a link to more about Senryū from Kokoru Japanese culture. I like this quote from the site:

Senryu is about daily life and often relatable situations. To write a good senryu, the key is to observe and find the humor and the irony present in mundane situations.

Kokoru Japanese Culture: https://kokoro-jp.com/culture/2571/
laughter lines
this year adds more wrinkles
in the mirror

my white hair
an absolute proof 
of motherhood

January 2023
today, I sighed up
for Medicare

© Colleen M. Chesebro

24 thoughts on “Time Marches On, senryū

  1. You have a life to live. Signing to Medicare is self care. Happy to hear you did this.
    I love laugh lines. Even on me 🤣 🤷🏻‍♀️ 👏 lovely Senryu. Thanks for sharing. Blessings.

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    1. I couldn’t agree more. I have to wait another year and 3/4 before I can apply for full SS benefits. So, in the meantime, we’ll have to pay out of pocket for medicare. We have lovely insurance through the military system, as my husband retired after 24 years of active service. This will be an eye opener. The country would collapse if they took SS and medicare from us. But that might be what the rabble rousers are after.

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  2. Welome to the “Old Folks Club” – I signed up last October!! I’ve got my own silver and white hair… but I still have other color too!

    We earned every discount and service offered. Well actually we already paid for them. Store, resturanted, movies want to give me a discount – I’ll take it!! 💝💗💖

    As for the “Life Laugh Lines” I’ve got plenty of them too! (((Hugs)))

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  3. Wrinkles and white hair! This morning I bought anti-wrinkles creams, they are expensive, but it is the least we can do to slow down the wrinkles, if they work the miracles they say they do. Great poem!

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