Colleen’s Kindle: Last of my 2022 Reads!

I miss my Word-Witch clothes… luckily I found a file with lots of witchy-ness to make you smile. 🥳

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In December 2022, I read Ecology of Souls: A New Mythology of Death & the Paranormal – Volume One & Two.

The print version of this two book series is 1,405 pages. I read the two books as a Kindle Unlimited download. Many thanks to the author for making this book available on KU.

If you write about faeries, the paranormal, aliens, UFO’s, cryptids, monsters, the Otherworld, death, psychopomps, altered states of consciousness, magic, witches, folklore, Jungian Archetypes, Reincarnation, shamanism, or mythology, these are the books for you!

My Recommendation:

This was a massive read! It took me a month to devour. But there is so much in this book that made sense to me. I’m buying my own Kindle copy of the books, because if you write paranormal fiction or poetry, this is a book to use for reference, again and again!

Let’s start with the first word I had to look up: psychopomp.

A psychopomp is a being, possibly a god or a person acting as a shaman, who guides the spirits of the dead to the afterlife or the otherworld. Think of a psychopomp as a soul gatherer…

Now, find the threads of connection from psychopomps to faeries, UFOs, cryptids, ghosts, spirits, Bigfoot, the Loch Ness monster, etc. Do I have your interest?

Cutchin has compiled thousands of occurrences of near-death experiences, faery encounters, and otherworldly experiences that connect these phenomena to death and the afterlife.

The correlations are believable, even if some data comes from folktales. The questions to ask yourself is how much truth was buried within the myths? How much of the truth was misinterpreted? How come we didn’t connect the dots sooner?

The section that compared faery encounters to modern day alien encounters opened my eyes to another interpretation. Faeries have long been associated with the Otherworld and death. I’d never looked at an alien encounter in the same way. After reading this book, I can see the connections. I’m a believer.

I own Whitley Strieber’s best-selling series Communion, Transformation, and Breakthrough, which all chronicles his experiences with UFOs and abduction. Cutchins draws on Strieber’s experiences and knowledge often.

Now, after all these years since the Communion books were first published, Strieber contends that these experiences have something to do with death. They connect to the liminal—the Veil between the worlds where the aliens act as psychopomps, inviting us to cross over into the unknown.

In fact, Cutchins points out, if you look at the alien portrayed on the cover of Communion, you will see an image similar to the descriptions of faeries found in Celtic mythology. Those large, black eyes are often described in faery encounters.

This is a diverse study of paranormal phenomena, and how death and our consciousness are all connected. The books are much more than just witness accounts. Included is a separate volume to cover all the citations and references.

Read the books and draw your own conclusions.

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19 thoughts on “Colleen’s Kindle: Last of my 2022 Reads!”

  1. Sounds like a fascinating read Colleen even if a mammoth one..
    I like books we can use for reference…. I love the book “A handbook for light workers : Cousins, David, as it is what it says.. 🙂
    Thank you for sharing Colleen. ❤

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    1. Yes! It was an excellent compilation of the paranormal. Faeries and aliens sound far-fetched, but when you begin to examine these experiences in detail, you see the similarities. Reincarnation figures prominently, and one must be openminded to the possibilities presented in the series. Nothing is written in stone, but I kept wondering what if?

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  2. There’s a lot of delicious food for thought here. I agree there could be more fae or nature folks influence in some of the sighting/encounters than some of the self-proclaimed experts/believers will consider.
    I may have said this before, but I’m going to say it anyway, It’s always fascinated me how some the experts/believers of ufos, bigfoot and various cryptids, will sing their existence to the high-heavens, but the minute someone mentions that the fae or nature folks might have something to do with anything, suddenly that someone is a loony. (I’m speaking from past experience here. lol)
    Thank goodness there are still folks willing to share their thoughts and theories about this without automatically dismissing the lore of the fae and nature folks.
    I realize this huge tome addresses more beings and experiences than just stuff relating to the faerie realm, but it is that realm that is one of my many interests.
    I enjoyed your report on this book. Thanks so much for introducing it to us. It sounds like a good one. ☺

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    1. E.C. I knew you would love these books. The fae are discussed in great detail. There was so much information presented I struggled to write the review. But the bottom line is that much of the information challenges many religions belief systems. The information presented is compelling. This is the kind of series everyone should read. It makes you think. One must simply open their minds to the possibilities. You know, people fear death and the unknown. 💜

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      1. Thanks so much Colleen. You know me pretty well about these subjects. I think you did a wonderful job covering so much information.
        It’s interesting that you mention fear, because I’ve always said that the ‘instant negativity’ that some people express when fae or nature folks is mentioned is because of fear. Even though these same people are quite fine discussing the existence or non-existence of ufos and big gnarly cryptids. 🤨
        I purchased his book and am curious to see how he connects death with the ufos, cryptids, fae and such. I’ve never thought of death as a factor with preternatural beings.
        Have a wonderful rest of the week. 💜

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        1. Excellent. I’m interested to hear what you think after you’ve finished reading. These are the kinds of books you read more than once. What I especially liked was how he didn’t try to disuade the existence of the fae, etc. That was huge. 💜

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