Colleen’s Kindle: February 2023 (part one)

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To Hunt a Sub (Rowe-Delamagente Book 1)

My Recommendation:

Kali Delamagente, an archeologist, invented an AI who can track the evolution of prehistoric man. But wait… the early man characters turn out to be the characters from the author’s previous Dawn of Humanity series depicting ancient man! What a brilliant concept. I was thrilled to see characters I’d grown to love in Murray’s previous series appear in a new series.

The AI is extraordinary! It turns out “Otto” has a predictive/analytical process that has the power to locate the positions of America’s nuclear submarine fleet. In the wrong hands, Kali’s ingenious technology could annihilate U.S. subs. Meanwhile, she draws the attention of an unseen donor who agrees to fund her research.

Of course, all of this technology interests the FBI. Enter Dr. Zeke Rowe, ex-SEAL and Navy Intel officer, who is also an archaeologist.

When Kali and Zeke join forces, the sparks fly! This rich set of characters drew me into the story. There were enough twists and turns to keep me reading long into the night!

Having served in the military, I found the entire subject of an AI with this much power a scary concept. I admit I had a few nightmares while reading this novel… but I couldn’t put it down!

This was an excellent read! As soon as I finished book one, I was on to the second book in the series! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Twenty-four Days (Rowe-Delamagente series Book 2)

My Recommendation:

When technology and espionage combine, you get a geek squad filled with spies! And that’s what you will find in the second book of the Rowe-Delamagente series.

How do you avert World War III? Rowe and Delamagente race against time to stop a group of jihadists who are determined to destroy the world as we know it.

Murray has written another amazing book. Just like in the first book in the series, the characters drew me into the plot. The suspense kept me reading, and I had to find out what happened next.

Kali Delamagente and her AI, Otto, find themselves embroiled in the battle to save the world. The plot really explodes when Kali’s son, now in college, gets dragged into the plot.

The first book was exciting, but this one was even more so. I lost several nights sleep, totally invested in the characters and their safety. I was sad to let go of the characters at the end.

If you enjoy fast paced thrillers, you will love this series! I did!


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  1. Hi Colleen, it is great to see these two thrillers of Jacqui’s featured here. I somehow thought she wrote those two books first so I was surprised to read that her pre-history people featured in one of them.

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    1. These were written right after the first of my prehistoric fiction. I couldn’t let go of the characters so reprised them in the present day. Thanks for commenting about that!

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    2. Yes! She wrote these books after the prehistoric fiction. Jacqui said she couldn’t let the characters go. I get that. But it was sheer brilliance at how she wove those characters into this series. And, I love geeky computer things so these stories were really fascinating. I think you would like them.

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  2. What a wonderful surprise, Colleen! I am so glad you enjoyed these two. I have a Book 3 in the can (so to speak), but it will have to wait for one more prehistoric fiction trilogy to be out.

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  3. Great reviews, Colleen 🙂 I loved the first book and you remind me I haven’t read the second one yet, which I will be doing now! Hugs xo

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