His Kiss

his kiss
upon my lips
a hunger stirs my soul,
heat rises, passions flare, desire
so sweet...

until another kiss finds me
and takes my breath away
forever yours
this kiss...

© Colleen M. Chesebro

Kim is over at dVerse for Poetics: Prelude to a Kiss, asking us to write about a kiss. This is an American cinquain with a syllable count of (2-4-6-8-2) and a reverse cinquain (2-8-6-4-2) creating a double cinquain.

Sometimes, less is more…

46 thoughts on “His Kiss”

          1. Moving more than pictures! Moving us. We are moving into our rental. All our furniture is coming tomorrow. I got almost everything else out! We loved it, but it was in our big plan to consolidate after two years and we did it! Yay!

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          2. No we are moving into the rental we bought for Vince’s sister. We had to rent it for two years before we could do that. Now it will be our primary residence instead. We are going to remodel it and we hope that Cindy can find low cost housing to match her income. If not, she will live with us but it won’t be a rental any longer. It’s complicated. 🙂

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          3. Oh, I remember you telling me this. You guys are great to help out Vince’s sister. Housing is so crazy everywhere! I’m tired of moving around. We’re here to stay now. Take care and don’t do too much! 💜

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          4. I hear that and second your opinion! I married a realtor! We actually lived in our former house for nearly 20 years, but there was a moment when it, or the yard, was “under construction.” He brags that we stayed put for so long, but I could tell you stories that would last all night about his idea of “staying put.” He’s already got plans for this condo. The good news is that there are no grounds to remodel. 🙂 Tonight it feels delicious to have all our furniture and be warm and cozy. Have a great weekend, my friend. 🙂


  1. I agree, Colleen, sometimes less is more, and you’ve proved that in your double American cinquain. I love the way it begins with ‘his kiss’ and ends with ‘this kiss’, and the short phrases, no complete sentences, that emphasise the breathlessness of the moment.

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