Tax Season Blues, haibun

Various tax forms litter my desk in neat piles. It’s my least favorite time of year—tax season. Every year, the forms change. My eyes are weary and my head is numb. It’s been a Monday. I’m finished with this day. Outside my window, night settles.

half-moon smiles
velvet streets blossom
in shadows

© Colleen M. Chesebro

It’s Haibun Monday, and Frank’s at dVerse-The Poet’s Pub. We’re using the kigo: Mezza Luna, the quarter phase or half-moon. Find the rules HERE.

Moon Magic!

42 thoughts on “Tax Season Blues, haibun”

  1. I need to do my taxes too. Was planning on it this but all the snow and storms have my attention, plus, i don’t trust the power to say on either. Boo to tax season!

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    1. Our accountant retired this year… so I’m on the hunt. But I have to compile everything for my business… so, that’s just how it is. I used to do tax work for a living. The laws change so much, I can’t keep up!!

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  2. I’m so glad I have nothing to do with tax forms! The burden is heavy in your prose, Colleen. I love the lightness of the haiku – such a relief!

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