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“Green Fire Women”

the universe's sky rhythm cool morning clouds embrace the magic of green fire women as star smoke haunts the velvet night sacred trees remember the wild perfume of you © Colleen M. Chesebro Many thanks to Jane Doughtery for her reminders to consult the oracle for inspiration. 🙏🏻

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“The House of the Soul,” butterfly cinquain, #TankaTuesday #PhotoPrompt

Picture credit: Britta Benson. This photograph was taken inside St. Cecilia’s Church (built in 1739), Heusenstamm, Germany.  I know a few of you were upset by this image. So, let's gain some perspective on this sculpture. Britta Benson says: "These skulls are at the bottom of a memorial plaque in the interior of the church. Just… Continue reading “The House of the Soul,” butterfly cinquain, #TankaTuesday #PhotoPrompt

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Poetics: haiku, dVerse

Merril is over at dVerse: Here’s what to do:*Write a poem (in any form) in response to the challenge: to pick three or more words from the spice list below to use in your poem. I’ve chosen twenty-five herbs, spices, flavors, and spice combinations—A to Z. Pick at least three for your poem. Use more… Continue reading Poetics: haiku, dVerse

Daily haiku, My Poetry

Daily haiku, #MichiganLife

My early morning walk shared some late summer bloomers. The brilliant yellow of goldenrod captured my attention. No bird sounds—only a chorus of crickets greeted me. Goldenrod appears in late summer, so this plant denotes the kigo or season word. It's local to my area in Michigan. See how easy it is to create your… Continue reading Daily haiku, #MichiganLife

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Autumn Dreaming, shadorma, #TankaTuesday

WordPress gave me a credit for the WordPress Pro debacle which enabled me to recreate my author blog once again. Please note the site address is I had to add my middle initial, so this might be a bit clunky at first. It will take me a few days to migrate things over from… Continue reading Autumn Dreaming, shadorma, #TankaTuesday

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Monday Morning Musing, haibun

This morning, a heavy gray pallor hems the edge of the sky to the woods. I hear no birdsong, no mourning dove calls, no chattering squirrels—only silence. The scent of autumn tickles my nose as the aroma of dew-clad grass greets me. A delicate breeze stirs the leaves, gray green with age; they rasp together… Continue reading Monday Morning Musing, haibun

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#TankaTuesday Haiku: Color Poetry

maple leaves on the green grass stippled with autumn © Colleen M. Chesebro In Haiku: A Poet's Guide by Lee Gurga, explains why we don't use similes or metaphors in haiku because "...figurative images present things not as they are in themselves but in relation to something else." He adds: "Nouns are the meat of… Continue reading #TankaTuesday Haiku: Color Poetry

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dVerse: Choices

 Christopher Reilley is the host at dVerse with the theme of choices. Here's my shadorma. My local supermarket carries everything! Photo by Meruyert Gonullu on rug shopping so many colors styles galore wool, braided woven—too many choices I bought cake instead © Colleen M. Chesebro

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#TankaTuesday, haiku, #ShareYourDay

For #TankaTuesday, it's #Share Your Day. My neighbor's sunflowers caught my attention, but before I could grab a photo, they'd cut them down. The tall stalks wilted against the heat of the Michigan summer. I chose the kigo season word: sunflower (himawari, late summer). This is a flower that blooms where I live in Michigan in… Continue reading #TankaTuesday, haiku, #ShareYourDay

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Haibun (Tuesday): Give Me Shelter-dVerse

Mish is over at dVerse for haibun Monday, which I'm writing today... a day late. She says: "Michelle Beauchamp here, (aka Mish) happy to be your host as we blend prose and poetry into Matsuo Basho’s famous form. You can explore more about Basho here." Mish asks us to incorporate the theme of “shelter” into our… Continue reading Haibun (Tuesday): Give Me Shelter-dVerse