A Ghost in the Burbs, Poetics

Photo by Gelatin on Pexels.com I was never there, you know just a ghost in the Burbs, a falling star in the sky of this America life. I exist where time flows with a legacy of speed ever moving forward, never backwards, mirroring the sunrise and sunset— as the darkness falls. Not Lost, found. © … Continue reading A Ghost in the Burbs, Poetics

Cadralor #1

Jane Dougherty shared a new form with me called the Cadralor, created by the Gleam Journal of the Cadralor. This is freestyle poetry but still has rules to follow. I like it! Read the requirements for submission HERE. This is my first attempt. Obviously, I will practice more before I submit. "Weathering the Storm of … Continue reading Cadralor #1

The Wheels Keep Turning, 99-word story poem

Sometimes, I have to write about what pours out of me. These words flowed... For the Carrot Ranch 99-word story (poem) where we write a story about how the wheels keep turning. Are the wheels tangible or metaphorical? Go where the prompt leads! Submit by November 5, 2022. Photo by DA Capture on Pexels.com The … Continue reading The Wheels Keep Turning, 99-word story poem

Folktober Challenge Day 15

For the Wombrell Rainbow Folktober challenge # 15 Ekphrastic challenge. Thanks to Jane Dougherty for another great suggestion. F 2.15. Mare John_Henry_Fuseli_-_The_Nightmare troubled sleep, dreams of demons—nightmare songs incubus and horse-hags ride feelings of dread in the darkness, contorted trees grow heads terrorizing dreams, all alone in this bed spirits torment and tantalize her thoughts … Continue reading Folktober Challenge Day 15

The Transformation, Traditional Mongolian Meter

For dVerse, where Grace asked us to write the poetry form: Traditional Mongolian Meter. Read more HERE. I hope I got this right... the alliteration was fun to work with. The Transformation moon washed fog slips across the lake mellow thoughts wash against the shore memoirs scrawled outside dark shadows memories adrift, dreams no more … Continue reading The Transformation, Traditional Mongolian Meter

I Can’t Stand… Poetics

For dVerse: Today’s (Yesterday's) Poetics, Sanaa wants us all to write in the style of the Beat Generation. Pour out the first thought, the first thing that comes to mind, and let the words take you forward. I'm more of a syllabic poet, but I'd like to give this a try... I can't stand all the hypocritical … Continue reading I Can’t Stand… Poetics

“Green Fire Women”

the universe's sky rhythm cool morning clouds embrace the magic of green fire women as star smoke haunts the velvet night sacred trees remember the wild perfume of you © Colleen M. Chesebro Many thanks to Jane Doughtery for her reminders to consult the oracle for inspiration. 🙏🏻