“Love’s Reply,” modified-Cadralor & senryū

This week for #TankaTuesday, Terri Webster Schrandt, shared a photo for our inspiration. I'm early... This week I have a lot of projects that are calling my name. I'll be around, don't worry. Terri says: “This is a filtered version of a rose I photographed at the International Rose Test Garden in Portland.” I've written a… Continue reading “Love’s Reply,” modified-Cadralor & senryū

Cadralor #1

Jane Dougherty shared a new form with me called the Cadralor, created by the Gleam Journal of the Cadralor. This is freestyle poetry but still has rules to follow. I like it! Read the requirements for submission HERE. This is my first attempt. Obviously, I will practice more before I submit. "Weathering the Storm of… Continue reading Cadralor #1