Autumn Snow, haiku

I've been working on my newest book, Fairies, Myths, & Magic II—A Winter Celebration... time gets aways from me. I can't believe it's Thursday! So here's a haiku of what I see outside my window: Photo by Andre Moura on deep autumn cold snow clouds build leaves won't let go © Colleen M. Chesebro… Continue reading Autumn Snow, haiku

Michigan Weather, Quadrille #162

The gales of Autumn swirl leaves of goldon streets darkened by rain, sleet falls cold grasses shiver in the wind, waves of emerald greencolored leaves dapple this pastoral scene wind chimes dance as a bell tolls the hourMichigan weather most dour © Colleen M. Chesebro Many thanks to Kim from Writing in North Norfolk, and… Continue reading Michigan Weather, Quadrille #162

Daily Tanka 11/15/2021

metallic sky clouds November's seasoned pallor, gold leaves surrender stained imprints on the sidewalk, fossils of the past summer © Colleen M. Chesebro

#TankaTuesday: #PhotoPrompt – haiku

It's the hottest it's been in Michigan this summer. When I walk in the morning, I can smell Autumn right around the corner. Cheryl picked out the best photo for our challenge this week. shares: The Perseids are one of the brighter meteor showers of the year. They occur every year between July 17… Continue reading #TankaTuesday: #PhotoPrompt – haiku

Mabon Blessings, Solo Renga

Photo by Designecologist on Frank Tassone's Haikai challenge for this week asks us to write the haikai poem of our choice (haiku, senryu, haibun, tanka, haiga, renga, etc.) that alludes to the Autumn (Spring) equinox (shunbun). Click HERE to find Frank's challenge post. I've added a bit of prose to my solo renga as… Continue reading Mabon Blessings, Solo Renga

Looking Forward – A Tanka

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. Cold winds are racing across the foothills on this fine Colorado day. The sky is a pale blue, and a white haze of clouds has crept over the mountains. Ron is working in the kitchen preparing a fabulous meal to commemorate the day. The holidays are hard for me each year, and… Continue reading Looking Forward – A Tanka

An Essay on the Importance of Halloween in American Society

Halloween has become one of the most celebrated retail holidays in our American culture although the roots of the holiday are shrouded in religious beliefs that have survived from the beginning of time. Think of Halloween and visions of costumes, jack-o-lanterns and candy appear. Lots of candy! But the earliest celebrations of Halloween symbolize the… Continue reading An Essay on the Importance of Halloween in American Society

An Autumn Day

Crisp autumn mornings spent drinking coffee and watching the steam rise from your cup swirling, like thoughts in a cluttered mind. In the afternoon, the sky wears a vivid blue mantle on its shoulders reflecting sunlight into the cloudless skies radiating warmth to those far below. Leaves with glowing colors of amber, red, and ginger… Continue reading An Autumn Day

Misty Sunrise

This was the view through my “horse-hole” this morning.  High humidity caused the haziness.  As the morning wore on, the humidity dropped to 31% F. this afternoon, which is FANTASTIC for those of us living along the Gulf Coast.  A cold front from way up north dropped all the way down into our southern neck… Continue reading Misty Sunrise

Auburn Berries

Sweet auburn berries - turn tart during autumn’s veil, fickle summer love. 2014 © Copyright-All rights reserved These wild berries grow along the road where I walk each morning.  I took this picture in the heat of summer. Join us in Amanda’s Unique Art Chic, Pixel Prose Challenge.  It is open to everyone! Thanks… Continue reading Auburn Berries