Transcending Time, Badger’s Hexastich

This week, I've combined Franci's theme of "transcending" with Sadje's, What do You See image below with a Badger's Hexastich trio. open transcending time magical paths entice will you accept the call? trust your visions believe outside emerald hills conjure questions the lure of mystery adventure waits for you today doors opening new opportunities as… Continue reading Transcending Time, Badger’s Hexastich

“Tired,” #ShareYourDay, #TankaTuesday,

Our #TankaTuesday challenge this week was to share our day (or week) and write a piece of syllabic poetry to go with the image. I wrote a Badger's Hexastich. My week was not interesting, to say the least. Sophie, then Chloe—The Unicorn Cats On Monday, we did some furniture moving, which is always exhausting. The… Continue reading “Tired,” #ShareYourDay, #TankaTuesday,