November: Three Good Things, Double Ennead

This November, my weight watchers group is listing three good things for each day of November. I love this exercise because it’s a simple method of redirecting attention towards positive thoughts and away from negative thoughts. This double ennead is for #TankaTuesday, where we were to choose a color to feature in our poem. TheContinue reading “November: Three Good Things, Double Ennead”

The Colors of Spring, haiku sequence #TankaTuesday

the smell of spring…green grassesundulate and wave daffodil—alone in a fieldmellow yellow thin mistgray clouds mirrorreflections green leaf budsdrawing down the moonat twilight forsythiayellow petals fallin the mud pear blossoms—the goddess’ white tearsspring hoarfrost For #TankaTuesday, I wrote a series of haiku. This week we were to use color in our poetry. Each kigo isContinue reading “The Colors of Spring, haiku sequence #TankaTuesday”

Vision Tree Cinquain, #TankaTuesday

Last weekend, I attended a Vision Tree Retreat with Openings Life Coaching online, with a group of ladies from the UP (Upper Peninsula) of Michigan. (I’ve glassed the collage, and I had a hard time getting a decent photo without reflections. Sorry about that). Anyway, a vision tree is a way to manifest your dreamsContinue reading “Vision Tree Cinquain, #TankaTuesday”