Hang a Paper Moon

I was intrigued by Erik Johansson’s surrealist art, suggested by Mich, the host of dVerse, for Poetics: Slipping into Surrealism with Erik Johansson. The artwork is amazing and gave me so many ideas. Hang a Paper Moon in a sapphire night skyhang a paper moon—a secret place to hold your wants and desireslike impossible dreamsrealized inContinue reading “Hang a Paper Moon”

The Lovers, Double Ennead

This week’s #TankaTuesday challenge is Ekphrastic, featuring the image below: At first glance, it looks as if the young woman is holding a cell phone. But of course, that can’t be because the painting was completed in 1860. I’m sure the young woman is holding a prayer book, so there’s really no mystery in theContinue reading “The Lovers, Double Ennead”

Everything Yellow, Double Ennead

A Double Ennead is 99-syllable poetry written in three stanzas with a syllable count of 6-5-11-6-5 per stanza. Sarah Southwest from dVerse, says: Let’s have fun with yellow. You can write about the colour itself, or just sneak something yellow into your poem. A yellow bucket, a daffodil, an autumn leaf floating in a puddle.Continue reading “Everything Yellow, Double Ennead”

Green Water Runs Deep, Abhanga

This week’s #TankaTuesday photo prompt from Terri Webster Schrandt is a beauty! Terri says: “This is a photo of Nine Mile Falls, after which our little community is named.  I captured this last March when the water district let out the water of the Spokane River to create Lake Spokane. When you drive by, the mistContinue reading “Green Water Runs Deep, Abhanga”

November: Three Good Things, Double Ennead

This November, my weight watchers group is listing three good things for each day of November. I love this exercise because it’s a simple method of redirecting attention towards positive thoughts and away from negative thoughts. This double ennead is for #TankaTuesday, where we were to choose a color to feature in our poem. TheContinue reading “November: Three Good Things, Double Ennead”