#ShareYourDay: #TankaTuesday

I’m spending the day dog sitting for our son from another mother, Dustin, while he attends his grandmother’s funeral. Dustin actually wrote a poem for his grandmother. 💜 It’s a chilly Michigan day at the Grand River. Here’s a double cinquain to memorialize my #MichiganLife: winter birds congregate around the bird feeder woodpeckers, chickadees, blueContinue reading “#ShareYourDay: #TankaTuesday”

Breathing life into your characters

I’ve been thinking a lot about role models and how they influence a writer’s work; the ways this translates to our readers. There’s a reason writers become invested in their characters, why they often refer to them as real; a living, breathing part of the world as they know it. They have a history, complexContinue reading “Breathing life into your characters”