A Ghost in the Burbs, Poetics

Photo by Gelatin on Pexels.com I was never there, you know just a ghost in the Burbs, a falling star in the sky of this America life. I exist where time flows with a legacy of speed ever moving forward, never backwards, mirroring the sunrise and sunset— as the darkness falls. Not Lost, found. ©… Continue reading A Ghost in the Burbs, Poetics

Cadralor #1

Jane Dougherty shared a new form with me called the Cadralor, created by the Gleam Journal of the Cadralor. This is freestyle poetry but still has rules to follow. I like it! Read the requirements for submission HERE. This is my first attempt. Obviously, I will practice more before I submit. "Weathering the Storm of… Continue reading Cadralor #1

Rain Dance

There's a crackle in the air— the static buzz of a summer storm brooding in the sky Summer storms are magical... I like to dance in the summer rain unlike the winter rain, when I hide indoors away from the biting cold and wet. Today dark clouds build in the west— the air feels hot,… Continue reading Rain Dance

#Poetry #Book #Reviews: “Slices of Soul: A Collection of Contemporary Poetry,” by Harmony Kent @harmony_kent

Your Next Poetry Book Read! https://read.amazon.com/kp/embed?asin=B00VVMBEWY&preview=newtab&linkCode=kpe&ref_=cm_sw_r_kb_dp_FTB2628SCAA1EE9JMN82&tag=colleencheseb-20 From the Author Slices of Soul is a collection of contemporary poetry from author Harmony Kent that will both delight and call for deeper reflection. ‘Phantoms’ gives a gritty account of pain that you can never catch. ‘Enough’ expresses the contentment of Zen. ‘Diamonds’ shows the beauty to be… Continue reading #Poetry #Book #Reviews: “Slices of Soul: A Collection of Contemporary Poetry,” by Harmony Kent @harmony_kent