Syllabic Poetry Taco Dip

This week's Carrot Ranch Literary community challenge: In 99 words (no more, no less), write a story about a golden onion. Any golden onion. One planted or harvested. An onion chopped for a meal. How can you use an onion as a prop in a character’s hand? Go where the prompt leads! Submit by March… Continue reading Syllabic Poetry Taco Dip

Tax Season Blues, haibun

Various tax forms litter my desk in neat piles. It's my least favorite time of year—tax season. Every year, the forms change. My eyes are weary and my head is numb. It's been a Monday. I'm finished with this day. Outside my window, night settles. half-moon smiles velvet streets blossom in shadows © Colleen M.… Continue reading Tax Season Blues, haibun

Random Thoughts, haibun

The snow, rough and windswept in places, makes my peaceful walk evaporate. At the park, thick ice seals the sky's reflections on the pond, reminding me of the places in my heart where I hide the old draconian memories. Like shadows, I keep those emotions in the dark, so they never take hold. It's time… Continue reading Random Thoughts, haibun

January Predictions

In January, the soothsayers emerge to remind us of who we are—frail humans who sometimes lose their way. Nostradamus, Baba Vanga—the prophets of doom contemplate the world's events still to unfold in 2023. From solar storms, nuclear explosions, and an impending invasion from aliens, the seers share their visions of the cataclysmic destruction of the… Continue reading January Predictions

The Storm, haibun

Linda Lee Lyberg is hosting at dVerse. She asks us to write a haibun inspired by Aki no koe (Autumn’s Voice). Yesterday, Autumn's voice roared with the howl of Banshee winds, making this old house moan and creak like old timber wood is all that holds it together. Large snowflakes—Lake Michigan snow, blew sideways down… Continue reading The Storm, haibun

The Windmill, haibun #99-Word Story

This week's Carrot Ranch November 7, 2022, prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less), write a story that includes something squeaky. What is squeaky and why? How does it move the story or disrupt a character? Listen, write, and go where the prompt leads! Submit by November 12, 2022. Photo by Noel McShane on… Continue reading The Windmill, haibun #99-Word Story

New Moon Soup, haibun

Today, the October new moon pays homage to a solar eclipse. There is an intensity in the air, and things feel unstable and shaky in our world. When these uncertain energies surface, I make New Moon soup. Once a month, I clean out the refrigerator, much like I empty the things from my heart that… Continue reading New Moon Soup, haibun

The Poet-tree, haibun

It's Haibun Monday at dVerse, and I'm a day late... Xenia Tran is our host and she says: For today’s Haibun Monday, you are invited to create a haibun about September and a special moment you experienced during this month or are looking forward to. The prose can be narrative, lyrical or terse and the ku can be… Continue reading The Poet-tree, haibun

Monday Morning Musing, haibun

This morning, a heavy gray pallor hems the edge of the sky to the woods. I hear no birdsong, no mourning dove calls, no chattering squirrels—only silence. The scent of autumn tickles my nose as the aroma of dew-clad grass greets me. A delicate breeze stirs the leaves, gray green with age; they rasp together… Continue reading Monday Morning Musing, haibun

Haibun (Tuesday): Give Me Shelter-dVerse

Mish is over at dVerse for haibun Monday, which I'm writing today... a day late. She says: "Michelle Beauchamp here, (aka Mish) happy to be your host as we blend prose and poetry into Matsuo Basho’s famous form. You can explore more about Basho here." Mish asks us to incorporate the theme of “shelter” into our… Continue reading Haibun (Tuesday): Give Me Shelter-dVerse