Old Memories, Prosery

It seems I only ruminate over you in the darkness after I’ve awakened from an unsettling slumber. I’m never sure if what I’ve experienced is a dream or a nightmare. But one thing is for sure. You belong to the night, tucked away inside the part of me that lives in my memories from longContinue reading “Old Memories, Prosery”

Foggy Morn – Quadrille #161

Merril D. Smith was the host at dVerse, yesterday… Yes, I’m always a day late! I’ve been experimenting with free verse, so the Quadrille is perfect for this type of poem—all you need is 44 words. Merril’s requirement was to use the word “track” somewhere in the poem. Many thanks for the inspiration! “Foggy Morn”Continue reading “Foggy Morn – Quadrille #161”