Nirvana, #TankaTuesday

Our #TankaTuesday prompt this week is a #PhotoPrompt. Diana Peach chose the image: “Nirvana” Before you stands the door to Nirvana… Now is the time to break free from the chains that bound you to this earthly plane. Let go of all the restraints that held you back. Breathe in the quiet serenity. Enter theContinue reading “Nirvana, #TankaTuesday”

“The Awakening,” Haibun/Nonet

This week for my poetry challenge Jane Dougherty (the Poet of the Week winner from last month’s photo prompt) selected the image below for poetic inspiration. This photo spoke to me of rebirth. I imagined the remnants of our civilization clinging to life after the mother goddess purged the land with fire. Afterward, she cleansedContinue reading ““The Awakening,” Haibun/Nonet”