#TankaTuesday Haiku: Color Poetry

maple leaves on the green grass stippled with autumn © Colleen M. Chesebro In Haiku: A Poet's Guide by Lee Gurga, explains why we don't use similes or metaphors in haiku because "...figurative images present things not as they are in themselves but in relation to something else." He adds: "Nouns are the meat of… Continue reading #TankaTuesday Haiku: Color Poetry

#TankaTuesday, haiku, #ShareYourDay

For #TankaTuesday, it's #Share Your Day. My neighbor's sunflowers caught my attention, but before I could grab a photo, they'd cut them down. The tall stalks wilted against the heat of the Michigan summer. I chose the kigo season word: sunflower (himawari, late summer). This is a flower that blooms where I live in Michigan in… Continue reading #TankaTuesday, haiku, #ShareYourDay