#ShareYourDay: #TankaTuesday

I'm spending the day dog sitting for our son from another mother, Dustin, while he attends his grandmother's funeral. Dustin actually wrote a poem for his grandmother. 💜 It's a chilly Michigan day at the Grand River. Here's a double cinquain to memorialize my #MichiganLife: winter birds congregate around the bird feeder woodpeckers, chickadees, blue… Continue reading #ShareYourDay: #TankaTuesday

#TankaTuesday, haiku, #ShareYourDay

For #TankaTuesday, it's #Share Your Day. My neighbor's sunflowers caught my attention, but before I could grab a photo, they'd cut them down. The tall stalks wilted against the heat of the Michigan summer. I chose the kigo season word: sunflower (himawari, late summer). This is a flower that blooms where I live in Michigan in… Continue reading #TankaTuesday, haiku, #ShareYourDay

“Tired,” #ShareYourDay, #TankaTuesday,

Our #TankaTuesday challenge this week was to share our day (or week) and write a piece of syllabic poetry to go with the image. I wrote a Badger's Hexastich. My week was not interesting, to say the least. Sophie, then Chloe—The Unicorn Cats On Monday, we did some furniture moving, which is always exhausting. The… Continue reading “Tired,” #ShareYourDay, #TankaTuesday,


Sophie, my writing muse ❤ Okay, I've finally found a theme that works for me. Whew! WP definitely upgraded the editor again, because everything looks different in the post template. I also had to change my browser to Chrome. Not my favorite, but everything seems to be working on WP. Fingers Crossed!! Many thanks to… Continue reading #ShareYourDay