The Colors of Spring, haiku sequence #TankaTuesday

the smell of grassesundulate and wave daffodil—alone in a fieldmellow yellow thin mistgray clouds mirrorreflections green leaf budsdrawing down the moonat twilight forsythiayellow petals fallin the mud pear blossoms—the goddess' white tearsspring hoarfrost For #TankaTuesday, I wrote a series of haiku. This week we were to use color in our poetry. Each kigo is… Continue reading The Colors of Spring, haiku sequence #TankaTuesday

Mutable Energy

This week's theme for #TankaTuesday is "transitions." Many thanks to Ken Gierke (Rivrvlogr) for his brilliant choice of theme. Photo by Miro Alt on Today, I notice how the weather has become changeable, with mutable energy; one minute it feels like spring, the next it's wintery cold. Around me, I see how people’s moods now… Continue reading Mutable Energy

“Spring,” A Diatelle

For Tanka Tuesday - I tried the Diatelle... finally! End rhymes have never been my favorite. I prefer the subtleness of haiku or tanka with the revelation that grabs you! Truthfully, I found it difficult to find the right word, as the rhyme dictated my choices. However, I enjoyed the form and will work with… Continue reading “Spring,” A Diatelle

Discussion: Renga, Solo-Renga, Solo No Renga, or Tanka? “The Feel of Spring,” Solo renga

For my weekly poetry challenge post this week, let's discuss the Japanese form called the Renga. By the way, this syllable counting site rocks: How Many seems to have been hacked this week, along with my social media email. What a mess! Renga... You'll hear this term in the poetry community and like… Continue reading Discussion: Renga, Solo-Renga, Solo No Renga, or Tanka? “The Feel of Spring,” Solo renga

“Honoring the First Day of Spring,” A #Double Etheree

Colleen's Weekly Syllabic Poetry Challenge For my poetry challenge this week, I chose the words, Vernal Equinox for spring, and chant(ing) for sing. Considering we also have a full moon tonight, I can't wait to see what blows in on the wind. To celebrate this first day of spring, I'd like to introduce you to… Continue reading “Honoring the First Day of Spring,” A #Double Etheree