Winter’s Folly, mirror cinquain

Happy New Year everybody! It’s time for #TankaTuesday. Back by popular demand, our first poetry challenge of 2023 is to write our poem by selecting synonyms for the two words “new & experience.” We can’t use the two words—synonyms only. Winter’s Folly dewy morning drizzle changes to white snowflakes aimless in liminal spaces melted a testContinue reading “Winter’s Folly, mirror cinquain”

“The Wild Hunt,” A Nonet Poem

This week, I’m adding another poetry format to Colleen’s Weekly Poetry Challenge that is similar to the Etheree, except there are nine lines instead of ten. Everyone loves the Etheree, and I just couldn’t wait till the beginning of the new year to add a similar form. ❤ Many thanks to Jane Dougherty for theContinue reading ““The Wild Hunt,” A Nonet Poem”