The Gray Scarf, Abhanga trio

Eugi selected the theme of "the gray scarf" for this week's #TankaTuesday #ThemePrompt. I asked for a story poem which I think I told below. Image by llinoswynjones from Pixabay around my neck for warmth the gray scarf comforts me his death has set me free graveyard tears flow he gave me the gray scarf… Continue reading The Gray Scarf, Abhanga trio

Lightning, Compression Poetry

This week for #TankaTuesday I've written a Compression poem. It's syllabic: 4, 5, 6, 6, 5, 4 with a rhyme scheme of a, x, a, x, x, a. I'm not sure I could have finished this without the help of the RhymeZone, an excellent word rhyming tool. My goal in 2023 is to work with… Continue reading Lightning, Compression Poetry

“The Longest Day,” Arquain

This week for #TankaTuesday (click the link to join in the challenge) Harmony selected the theme of "the longest day." I chose the Arquain form found on the The Arquain is written in three stanzas, with the following syllable count per stanza: 1, 2, 3, 4 for the first stanza. 5,7, 7, 5, for… Continue reading “The Longest Day,” Arquain

Useful, #TankaTuesday #ThemePrompt: shadorma

Kerfe gave us the theme for this week's #TankaTuesday challenge: Useful. Here's my interpretation of useful. When I was young, my step-mother would often remind me, "waste not—want not." I always met this statement with an eye roll, thinking, here we go again. Typical kid, right? People used to say my step-mother was thrifty. She… Continue reading Useful, #TankaTuesday #ThemePrompt: shadorma

Yellow Daffodils, #TankaTuesday

For this week's #TankaTuesday challenge, Yvette M. Calleiro, selected the theme of beginnings and endings. I tried to allude to beginnings and endings without using the words. It proved to be difficult for me today... Here's a bit of tanka prose to reflect on. Photo by Monica Turlui on yellow daffodils bloom amidst the… Continue reading Yellow Daffodils, #TankaTuesday

Mutable Energy

This week's theme for #TankaTuesday is "transitions." Many thanks to Ken Gierke (Rivrvlogr) for his brilliant choice of theme. Photo by Miro Alt on Today, I notice how the weather has become changeable, with mutable energy; one minute it feels like spring, the next it's wintery cold. Around me, I see how people’s moods now… Continue reading Mutable Energy

Senryu: Memories-Sweet & Sour

The theme for #TankaTuesday this week is memories: sweet & sour. Here is my senryu series. Photo by Elina Sazonova on a full glass of wine uncorks old fantasies of him the sweetness of watermelon— memories Parkinsons— shaky endings of memory © Colleen M. Chesebro

#TankaTuesday: Kindness

This week's #TankaTuesday challenge brought us the wonderful theme of "kindness" chosen by Harmony Kent. I couldn't help myself... I had to give her a nod within my tanka. Harmony's personality overflows with kindness, so it's well deserved. ❤ in our daily life kindness remedies hatred with a simple smile between friends or foe—heal all… Continue reading #TankaTuesday: Kindness

“Harvest Moon,” haibun, #TankaTuesday

Image by Prettysleepy from Pixabay The five women gathered under the pearly radiance of the full harvest moon. They represented air, water, earth, fire, and spirit. Hands clasped together, they formed a circle, their upturned faces raised toward the orbs' soft glow. This was how they would pay homage to the passing of another cycle—another… Continue reading “Harvest Moon,” haibun, #TankaTuesday

“A Mother’s Song,” Crapsey cinquain trio, #TankaTuesday

For our #TankaTuesday challenge this week, Vashti Q. Vega, selected an excellent theme—a lullaby. I wasn't sure what I would write, so I just let the words flow... don't think of this as something sad. Instead, think of it as good memories. My children and grandchildren are all grown and scattered all over America. They… Continue reading “A Mother’s Song,” Crapsey cinquain trio, #TankaTuesday