The Wheels Keep Turning, 99-word story poem

Sometimes, I have to write about what pours out of me. These words flowed…

For the Carrot Ranch 99-word story (poem) where we write a story about how the wheels keep turning. Are the wheels tangible or metaphorical? Go where the prompt leads! Submit by November 5, 2022.

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The Wheels Keep Turning

The wheels of America’s evolution keep turning
everybody’s talking, but no one’s listening
all they want is to win the argument

Opinions over facts—lies deny truths
social media—the louder we talk
no one hears what the other says

Political and financial earthquakes
shake our democratic foundation 
to the breaking point… 

We’re headed for a breakdown
the wheel of time spins us into the darkness
unstable powers abound, time slows, 
distorted reality, our new actuality

Will we find our collective turning point?
What if the desired results aren’t met?
From within the darkness…
can we find the light?

© Colleen M. Chesebro

41 thoughts on “The Wheels Keep Turning, 99-word story poem”

      1. I know some people are so caught up in that bubble that they believe the total nonsense is true. The people who know better, but who just shrug and vote for them anyway. That is why we’re in this mess. And the most heinous to me are the people who knowingly spread the misinformation.

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  1. After watching a news story last night with an election official donning his bulletproof vest to go to work, I think we are headed for a breakdown. I’m very, very frightened.

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  2. That Turning point is closer than you think Colleen.. and yes seems like we are both writing from our hearts today..
    Loved what you wrote..
    The LIGHT is Within us my friend.. All we have to do is trust in it.. And not buy into the fear that we we know, as ‘Lies deny Truth’
    You have only to see what has occurred in Brazil.. Yet our media here in the UK are not even mentioning only Propaganda..
    Keep the Faith and Hold your Light dear Colleen. ❤

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  3. It doesn’t matter who gets elected… the people have to step up and fight for what is right since it seems that most of the politicians are fighting for themselves. *sigh*

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      1. One also has to be aware of all the false claims… Politicians should only be able to have ads touting the good they have done. No slander or gossip should be allowed.

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          1. We’ve got a scary guy here who doesn’t agree with anything the people want – Thinks he can change the vote count too. That should have gotten him eleminated from the get go.

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          2. I remember reading an article about someone from a different country visiting and going through a pet isle at the grocery store… You have this choice much just for pets???

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