Rabbits… #99WordStory

January 9, 2023, prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less), write a story that includes rabbits.

Is it a family? A strange planet? Some crazy bunny person’s pets? Who are they and what are they doing?

Go where the prompt leads!

Submit by January 14, 2022. Part one of the story is HERE.

“Look,” whispered Luna.

“Hilda’s going to address the Coven,” answered Faeryn. “Shhh…”

All eyes turned toward Hilda.

“Witches, may I have your attention? I’m here to explain how one of my spells injured a human.”

“My familiar is a rabbit, the symbol of fertility. I can’t stop them from multiplying. Weeks ago, I cast a spell to stop the rabbits from copulating so often. Instead, the spell affected a human man. He will never be the same.”

Hilda coughed. “I have Covidwitchitus.”

Surprised gasps filled the room.

Each time Hilda coughed, another rabbit appeared.

It was a hare-raising experience!

37 thoughts on “Rabbits… #99WordStory

  1. Brilliant, Colleen. I laughed out loud when i read, “Covidwitchitus”! And the timing is perfect because on Sunday January 22, 2023 we enter the Year of the Rabbit.

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      1. Stories are much harder for me than short poems. I’m so glad you introduced me to syllabic poetry. My goal is to write at least one poem 3 days a week this year.

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  2. I’m picturing this and laughing at the little fluffballs emerging, twirling, landing on the floor full grown, and placidly hopping off to join their brethren. NICE!!😄😄😄

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