Gray & White: Sunday Stills

Terri Webster Schrandt is the host of the Sunday Stills Monthly Color Challenge: Days of #Gray and #White. Find the link to her post HERE.

Gray and white are the perfect colors for January in Michigan. Our skies are mostly gray and white, although this year we’ve had little snow. I won’t complain. We had our first white Christmas in years, but nothing since.

Here’s a haiku to start us off:

steel sky-clouds
echoing winter
as above, so below

I’m not the best photographer… I’m still learning how to use my iPhone 11, so this challenge should help me. Fingers crossed.

Chloe: my gray and white tuxedo cat-sunbathing
Chloe often falls asleep with her tongue sticking out!
Light & Shadows through crystals

When we renovated this house in Michigan, we chose shades of gray for the walls and the floors. This gray has a tinge of lavender in it so as to not make the color feel muddy during the gray days of winter.

I love shadow play. Light through crystals bounces around the room in delightful way.

Sophie was a bit jealous that Chloe got all the attention so, I shared a photo of the unicorn cats below:

L to R: Sophie & Chloe

Many thanks to Terri Webster Schrandt for hosting this lovely challenge.

29 thoughts on “Gray & White: Sunday Stills

  1. Colleen, I always love seeing your kitties. Vince just painted our walls “chic gray” here too! It is definitely the color de jour. Our clouds today look exactly like your haiku! Good to see you on Sunday Stills. 🙂

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  2. Yay, I’m so happy to have you along for the Sunday Stills challenge, Colleen! Your images capture the sweet essence of your kitties! I love how you caught the light just right in the first image of the crystals with their bonus shadows, nicely done. Your home looks lovely, what I can see of it–the white-washed flooring and soft gray walls. Very peaceful!

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      1. We’re seeing some green grass as well, which is unsettling. We took a drive up to northern Vermont (the old home town). There was snow everywhere, and the air was very cold–just like January is supposed to be.

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    1. Thanks, Franci. This iPhone takes great photos but I’m still learning how to use it. It might be WP that adds a blur to the images, I’m not sure. I’ve seen it other places as well on photos.

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