Catching Up… #99-Word Story

I’m behind on my Carrot Ranch 99-word prompts, so I’m going to create a story using the prompts I missed:

The Dishes

Love Letter to Nature

Smear of Jam

If you’ve been reading the Carrot Ranch Coven Series I’ve been writing, here are the links to the previous stories:

On Sabbatical – Part One

Rabbits – Part Two

Shadow Woman – Part Three

Optimism – Part Four

Catching Up – Part Five (3 prompts in one story is really hard, by the way)!

After the optimism spell ritual, Hilda stayed behind to wash the dishes and clean up Coven Hall. It gave her more time to think.

She knew her spell had helped the human because the heaviness in her heart disappeared. This was a good feeling.

Hilda brewed a cup of mint tea. Famished, she smeared a bit of jam on a piece of bread. She sat down to write a love letter to nature, specifically Mother Nature.

Dear Mother Goddess… she wrote.

I’m sorry I ignored your warning and got Covidwitchitus. I promise to keep my immunizations current.



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