Syllabic Poetry Taco Dip

This week’s Carrot Ranch Literary community challenge: In 99 words (no more, no less), write a story about a golden onion. Any golden onion. One planted or harvested. An onion chopped for a meal. How can you use an onion as a prop in a character’s hand? Go where the prompt leads!

Submit by March 4, 2022.

Through the years, I’ve found the art of crafting syllabic poetry is akin to making a layered taco dip.

You start with a syllabic form, which is like the first layer of refried beans—the base that holds the dip together.

Next comes the seasoned meat, turkey, or beef, which is like choosing a theme for your poem.

Tomatoes, black olives, chopped lettuce, cheddar cheese, and onions come next. Don’t forget the bell pepper, salsa, and sour cream. These are the details of your poem you can’t live without.

heavy spring snowfall
each layer signifies growth
a golden onion

© Colleen M. Chesebro

Taco Seasoning… a must have for every kitchen!

Here’s a great recipe for a Seven Layer (Poetic) Taco Dip

61 thoughts on “Syllabic Poetry Taco Dip”

  1. snow and onions – how unusual a pairing – but it makes sense, because snow is layered, and beneath it all (talk about piles and mountains this year!) life still pulses, golden …. and snow will eventually melt, like shredded cheese …. LOL – now you have me hungry for layered taco-y deliciousness 😉

    fun and intriguing write – like how you’ve combined it – flavourable 🙂


    1. You made my crazy connection… LOL! The Carrot Ranch prompt was about the golden onion… “No golden onion is the same. It’s the fingerprint of a literary artist. An author’s voice; a style; the secret ingredient of a savory concoction. It evolves from seed to maturity and takes a lifetime to peel back layers to expose the core.” The more I kept playing with it the more I saw the layering in stories and poetry. This all connected in my brain to a layered taco salad!! The carrot ranch post is one that really resonated with me: 🧅


  2. My Golden Surprise

    I don’t know what I’d do without my yellow surprise.
    I peel it back and it’s pearly white smile slowly emerges in front of my eyes.
    Layer by layer I can begin to smell it’s delicious aroma fill the air. My eyes water in anticipation at what deliciousness soon will appear.
    Then suddenly in my excitement I begin to slice and slice. I butter my bread. Salt and pepper it too. And begin to make sandwiches for me and you.
    Purple, red or white can’t compare.
    Go ahead try it, if you dare, my yellow onion!
    99 Words

    By D. J. Huggins-Green
    March 4th,2023@12:16a.m.
    Mingo Jct., Ohio

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          1. I read a couple of WP;s newsletters which discuss the next updates and we’re due for one soon. I also read where they are getting a “squad” to design better and more functional block themes. We’ll see! LOL

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  3. oooh! Tasty. A great combo of the prompts!! Last night we had some various curried foods at an (India) Indian resturant. Onions and garlic and spice oh my!

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