Green Water Runs Deep, Abhanga

This week’s #TankaTuesday photo prompt from Terri Webster Schrandt is a beauty!

Terri says: “This is a photo of Nine Mile Falls, after which our little community is named.  I captured this last March when the water district let out the water of the Spokane River to create Lake Spokane. When you drive by, the mist from the falls hits the windshield enough to use the wiper blades. In certain light, it really looks this green.”

Green Water Runs Deep

blue skies advertise warmth
pale mist hides winter's gloom
green river spirits bloom
white rapids sing

© Colleen M. Chesebro

The Unicorn Cats have been busy the last few weeks working on books for clients… So, if I’m not around as much as you know why… it’s tough work hurding cats!

Chloe & Sopie – Unicorn Cats Publishing Services

Their newest project was formatting the Kindle version of “Lion Scream,” by Robbie Cheadle.

This is a stunning book filled with Robbie’s Double Ennead poetry and photos of South Africa. It’s an amazing read available on Kindle, Print, and Kindle Unlimited!

24 thoughts on “Green Water Runs Deep, Abhanga”

  1. You bring our humble local waterfall to life with your beautiful poetry, Colleen! The water’s journey comes from the Spokane River which thunders through downtown Spokane, then heads north/east to swing south again, and eventually flows into the Columbia River.

    If I ever get back to finish writing a book I started, I will remember your book formatting services!

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    1. Thanks, Kerfe. In Astrology I was born an Aries… but, when you apply astrological logic, I’m an Aquarius (air), Pisces (water), and Aries (fire) last… I’ve noticed I use those elements a lot in my poetry. Water spirits really speak to me. I love the imagery.

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  2. This is lovely, Earth getting ready for spring! I love the logo of your blog! Cats and unicorns! Nothing more magical than these ones. You were really in a creative mood when you created it! 🙂

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