Water Lily Pond, haiku #TankaTuesday

For #TankaTuesday this week, our words to find synonyms for were: spring & green. I used tender for green, and the word budding for spring. Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com buoyant tender shoots on a water lily pond reflections budding © Colleen M. Chesebro Judy Mastrangelo's inspirational oracle cards, Dream Your Joy, inspired this haiku.

His Kiss

his kiss upon my lips a hunger stirs my soul, heat rises, passions flare, desire so sweet... complete— until another kiss finds me and takes my breath away forever yours this kiss... © Colleen M. Chesebro Kim is over at dVerse for Poetics: Prelude to a Kiss, asking us to write about a kiss. This… Continue reading His Kiss

Quadrille #170: Music is My Refuge

The Songs of the Seasons Winter calls out with blustery winds broken by the silence of pure cold Spring arrives with bird song sweet echoes chanted on the wing Summer comes with the chirping of crickets slumber songs sung Autumn sings dirges as frost-crisped leaves drop from the trees © Colleen M. Chesebro Linda Lee… Continue reading Quadrille #170: Music is My Refuge

#TankaTuesday, Spring or Winter?

For this week's #TankaTuesday challenge we're playing with snyonyms: change & grow are the words. I used metamorphosis for change and rise for grow. I've written a chōka, with the accompaning hanka (a tanka). A nine line chōka is written as 5-7-5-7-5-7-5-7-7 and the tanka is written in the first person as 5-7-5-7-7. Photo by… Continue reading #TankaTuesday, Spring or Winter?

Love’s Path, senryu series

Photo by Jovana Nesic on Pexels.com sun on snow— a diamond ring on my finger the scent of roses just before dawn in the bridal suite a red rose— his word of farewell brings relief © Colleen M. Chesebro Sanaa from dVerse asks us to write some love poetry... Happy Valentine's Day... or not!

Daily haiku

winter sun sparkles reflections shift on the wall cat chasing shadows © Colleen M. Chesebro

Random Thoughts, haibun

The snow, rough and windswept in places, makes my peaceful walk evaporate. At the park, thick ice seals the sky's reflections on the pond, reminding me of the places in my heart where I hide the old draconian memories. Like shadows, I keep those emotions in the dark, so they never take hold. It's time… Continue reading Random Thoughts, haibun

Icy Weather: Quadrille #168

pale winter sky, the color of turned milk an unfriendly wind skims across the pond cold as a whisper, caressing my icy cheeks the streetlamps aren’t on, but shadows creep coldness descends frosting the street conscious dreams create my reality end of day succeeds © Colleen M. Chesebro A quadrille for dVerse, a day late.

Contrasts: Cold & Hot, haiku

This week’s haiku invitation from the Naturalist Weekly is to write a haiku or senryu that contrasts hot and cold.  Check out the post Micro-Season: “The Springwater Holds Warmth” (2023) and learn more about writing haiku. cold morning walk—last fall's leaves blowingin my coffee © Colleen M. Chesebro

The Last Gift, shadorma series

Sadje's WDYS challenge #166 is perfect for today, December 26th, Boxing Day in many parts of the world. the last gift found hidden behind the Christmas tree, wrapped in brown paper, a tag that reads open me, now, please no one knew from where this gift came what secrets lie within? the red ribbon opens… Continue reading The Last Gift, shadorma series