Quadrille #170: Music is My Refuge

The Songs of the Seasons Winter calls out with blustery winds broken by the silence of pure cold Spring arrives with bird song sweet echoes chanted on the wing Summer comes with the chirping of crickets slumber songs sung Autumn sings dirges as frost-crisped leaves drop from the trees © Colleen M. Chesebro Linda Lee… Continue reading Quadrille #170: Music is My Refuge

Icy Weather: Quadrille #168

pale winter sky, the color of turned milk an unfriendly wind skims across the pond cold as a whisper, caressing my icy cheeks the streetlamps aren’t on, but shadows creep coldness descends frosting the street conscious dreams create my reality end of day succeeds © Colleen M. Chesebro A quadrille for dVerse, a day late.

Dawn Breaks

Dawn breaks—bold, golden light an explosion of color against a winter-blue sky When was the last time I felt sunshine on my face? Bright light streaks the heavens, pink glow birds circle from lofty heights While I gaze up in awe from below © Colleen M. Chesebro Photo by Rahul Pandit on Pexels.com For dVerse,… Continue reading Dawn Breaks

Michigan Weather, Quadrille #162

The gales of Autumn swirl leaves of goldon streets darkened by rain, sleet falls cold grasses shiver in the wind, waves of emerald greencolored leaves dapple this pastoral scene wind chimes dance as a bell tolls the hourMichigan weather most dour © Colleen M. Chesebro Many thanks to Kim from Writing in North Norfolk, and… Continue reading Michigan Weather, Quadrille #162

Foggy Morn – Quadrille #161

Merril D. Smith was the host at dVerse, yesterday... Yes, I'm always a day late! I've been experimenting with free verse, so the Quadrille is perfect for this type of poem—all you need is 44 words. Merril's requirement was to use the word "track" somewhere in the poem. Many thanks for the inspiration! "Foggy Morn"… Continue reading Foggy Morn – Quadrille #161

Springtime Awaits, a quadrille

The dVerse challenge for today is to write a Quadrille, 44 words which must include the word eye in the main body of the poem. wet snowflakes evaporate on sidewalks and pavements while old man winter gives me the evil eye banshee winds blast, an exhalation of dark cloud-covered skies while spring's sweet anthems wait… Continue reading Springtime Awaits, a quadrille

“Change,” A Quadrille

Photo by Frank Cone on Pexels.com The full cold moon abides the darkness of night where moonbeams light up the sky with silver little-girl dreams, to remind us of how most things never stay the same. Change is the catalyst. Follow your intuition to find your correct path to joy. ©2020 Colleen M. Chesebro A… Continue reading “Change,” A Quadrille